Glyndebourne’s new Hamlet

This year’s repertoire at Glyndebourne ranged from 1658 Cavalli to 2017 Brett Dean, by the latter a commissioned new version of Hamlet.

By Nils-Göran Olve

Dean is a 55-year-old Australian who spent 15 years as a violist in the Berlin Philharmonic. Dean has been a full-time composer since the year 2000. In that capacity he has become widely known, not least in Sweden where the Stockholm Concert Hall devoted its annual composer festival to him in 2011.

I liked this new Hamlet opera very much. There were several reasons for that, one of course being the quality of the play itself. But my main reason for enjoying this so much was that Dean’s Hamlet is a genuine opera Fortsätt läsa ”Glyndebourne’s new Hamlet”