Det fullendte fragment

Om Arnold Schönbergs “Moses und Aron


Denne artikkelen er tidligere publisert i “Studia Musicologica Norvegica” nr. 39/2013. Vivaopera publiserer den med tillatelse fra forlaget Idunn og författeren.

Summary: This article discusses several aspects of Schoenberg’s opera Moses und Aron. The main focus, however, is the question as to whether the unrepresentable, the absolute, or God, can be represented.

The author reaches the conclusion that it cannot (a view shared by Adorno, Lyotard and Kerling), although God is to be heard (as many voices). In Moses und Aron, Schoenberg takes what might be called the problem of representation to its limits. It follows that, since the opera is a fragment, it is a necessary fragment, a “fulfilled fragment”.

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